Solid Fuel Boilers

With woodburning now much higher up the ecological agenda, due to wood being a renewable resource and ‘carbon neutral’, it is not surprising that these central heating boilers are experiencing increasing interest throughout Europe and North America. They simply represent the greener alternative to oil and gas.

At just 505mm wide, Wamsler’s solid fuel central heating boilers are a powerful and practical option too, producing up to 16kW output to water for radiators and domestic hot water. Furthermore, not only is the 500 Series Central Heating Boiler compact enough to locate in kitchens but also utility rooms, laundry rooms, boot rooms etc. And there’s even a built in hob should power supplies fail or you need additional cooking capability at any time!

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Wamsler 500 Series Central Heating Boilers

  • 8mm steel hob: 409x509mm
  • Insulated hob lid
  • Towel rail (Black only)
  • Large firebox
  • Height adjustable, multi-fuel riddling grate
  • Secondary air control for cleaner, more efficent combustion
  • Maximum heat outputs - 157 model: wood - 11.5kW; coal/smokeless fuel - 10.5kW; to water - 9kW. 158 model: wood - 21kW; coal/smokeless fuel - 17.5kW; to water - 16kW
  • Top, rear or side flue outlets - 150mm
  • Choice of colours - 157 model: White or Black. 158 model: White, Black or Burnt Sienna

Wamsler 500 Series Central Heating Boilers

  • 55mm or 110mm spacer units for fitted kitchens

Wamsler 500 Series Central Heating Boilers

  • White
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Black

Wamsler 500 Series Central Heating Boilers

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